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March 31, 2014

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

VLC for Android: take 2


VLC for Android is on the store since quite some time, and it is quite popular, notably knowing it is only a Beta release.

After more than 6 months since the last release, we've developed a new version that is changing a lot of things.

This could be mostly considered as a Second main release of VLC for Android.

The most important parts are a new UI, closer to a modern Android theme and a rewritten hardware acceleration.

New interface

This release has a new interface, available in dark or white colors. The UI is closer to an Android look and will evolve more in the future.

Video Browser

The video browser has seen a simple evolution: Video Browser Portrait Phone


Audio Browser

The audio browser has evolved quite a bit: phoneAudioBrowser.png

We even have an equalizer: phoneEqualizer.png

And a playlist that you can edit with gestures: phoneAudioPlayer.png

Video Player

We also updated the video player: phoneVideoPlayer.png

Hardware acceleration

The second important change is the introduction of full hardware acceleration. With this release, we've been able to decode 4K streams on a Nexus 5 or a BayTrail tablet.

Hardware acceleration is now enabled by default on 4.3 and 4.4. You can access it on 4.1 and 4.2 in preferences.

It also features the better looking subtitles support that was added on VLC on the desktop.

Software decoding has been accelerated too.


This release supports Widi and HDMI screens; it fixes some audio bugs on 2.3 and SD cards misdetections. Have fun!


This release of VLC for Android is the 17th Beta. It's numbered 0.9.0, since it's the last important version before the 1.0.0 release.

It's available everywhere, except in the US, but will be pushed as a staging release on the store.

It will be finally available in the US with our next release.

VLC for Android is compatible from Android 2.1 to 4.4 :)

Get it

VLC for Android

March 31, 2014 12:01 PM

March 22, 2014

Rémi Denis-Courmont

Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2014

François Cartégnie and myself will be holding a keynote session at the next Hong Kong Open Source Conference.

March 22, 2014 10:04 PM

March 15, 2014

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Second build submitted to the store

After the first beta release a couple of days ago, a second build fixing the most important crashes has been submitted to the store, for certification.

It should notably fix the crash on start, on some machines, but other stability issues, on the music side too!

We'd like to thank the new contributors that helped.

It should appear automagically in a few hours on the store.

Next release, next week!

Have a nice week-end!

March 15, 2014 10:47 AM

March 10, 2014

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

First achievement unlocked!

Oh boy, this has been a long and bumpy ride!

Today, the first Beta of VLC for WinRT is getting deployed on the store.

As many of you know, the road to come to this point has been long... Very long.

I've been driving or helping some ports of VLC on mobile, but this port has been the hardest, by an order of magnitude.

I'll speak a bit more about the lateness of this port, another time. Today, I'll introduce a bit to this application.


This application, version 0.2.0, is a BETA stage of the port of libVLC on WinRT. WinRT is the runtime of Windows 8/8.1 Metro/ModernUI, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 1.

As this is a beta, some features are still not perfectly stable, but we are working on that. We thought we should share it with the users, so that people could test and help us.

This application:

However, there are a few limitations:

We are working on all those points, but notably on subtitles and audio quality and stability. Since we now have a release, it will be easier to do releases quite often, as soon as we can.

We also have longer terms goal to work on, and we'll share them when we know more :)

We hope you like this application, and if you don't, we'll fix that soon :) Entry Point VideoPlayer.jpg Main Page Video Pane Music Pane Music Playback Artiste Page Removable Storage Search

March 10, 2014 10:42 PM

February 21, 2014

Felix Paul Kühne

VLC media player for Mac OS X, versions 2.1.4 and 2.0.10

Today, we released 2 versions of VLC media player for Mac OS X targeting different client systems. Version 2.1.4 This is a small bug fix release, which improves an important regression regarding DVD playback and improves compatibility with HUffYUV contents … Continue reading

February 21, 2014 06:48 PM

January 08, 2014

Rémi Duraffort


We will be at FOSDEM to talk about PRoot and some other tools based on it. Cedric will do a Lightning talk saturday about syscall instrumentation. He will present some tools, based on syscall instrumentation, that we develop and use at STMicroelectronics: PRoot, emulate chroot, bind mount and binfmt_misc for non-root users CARE (aka.... Read @FOSDEM

January 08, 2014 02:20 PM